Porcelain, Dental Cleaning, Tooth Whitening, Dental Plaque, Partial Dentures, Crowns, Full Denture, Dental Implants, Dental Extractions, X Ray and Oral Surgery.


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Dr. Adolfo Cabrera
125 Second Street
Next to the Police Station
Los Algodones, B.C.

      Our mission is to provide quality family care and service that is extraordinary in today's rapidly changing health care environment.  We are proud of our ability to provide our patients with outstanding clinical care along with efficient and knowledgeable service regarding insurance and financial arrangements. Our focus is to be clinically and technologically up-to-date.


            Our philosophy is centered on the prevention of dental disease and providing quality procedures, which are long term. We are confident that our doctors will provide you with a complete and informed diagnosis so that you can fully understand your dental needs. Upon understanding each individual's needs, we can customize our care so that your treatment is painless and uneventful. We are also proud to maintain the highest standard of care in infection control. The staff routinely attend classes and research the latest advances in equipment, materials and techniques so we can provide our patients with state of the art dental care.